Far East 3000 Chinese Characters CD-ROM v2.0 (SPECIAL FINAL SALE!!)

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The Far East Chinese Characters CD-ROM v2.0 contains the most common 3,000 characters from the official list published by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. By learning the first 500, you will be able to recognize 70% of the characters which appear on the average page of text. By learning all 3,000, you will be able to recognize 99% of the characters which appear in all types of media. The basic information for each character is included, such as its pronunciation in both Pinyin and MPS (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, also known as BoPoMoFo); its radical, stroke order diagram (both traditional and simplified characters are provided), definition, phrases which contain the character and example sentences. Additionally, the contents have been arranged in a systematic fashion for more efficient learning and more commonly used vocabulary, technical terms and idioms have been added as well as help in dealing with difficult characters. Other new features include a function that allows you to print out flash cards for both characters and words for on-the-go learning, an introduction to the historical development of Chinese characters and functions which aid in self-study as well as language teaching. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP(Service Pack 2 or above), Vista, 7 / Color monitor; 1024 x 768 monitor resolution at 96 dpi / CD-ROM drive / Mouse / Speaker / Microphone (optional)

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