Far East Pinyin Chinese-English English-Chinese Dictionary (Special Sale)

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Far East Pinyin Chinese-English English-Chinese Dictionary is a convenient and efficient reference book. It combines two dictionaries into one book and is very easy to use. The Chinese-English part has more than 14,000 entries, and contains essential vocabularies for HSK and TOCFL exams. It also includes frequently-used Chinese vocabularies in Mainland China and Taiwan. New words and phrases have been added to this edition that used in today's high-tech environment. It is listed by entries and all entries are arranged alphabetically according to their spelling in the Hanyu Pinyin phonetic system. The English-Chinese part, it contains more than 12,000 entries and many new words used today. To help users with pronunciation, Hanyu Pinyin accompanies each Chinese word. Where translations differ between Mainland China and Taiwan, both versions are included. English explanations are given for words that have more than one meaning. Available only in simplified characters. We also add many helpful appendices in the dictionary: * Tips on Pronunciation * Introduction to Chinese Characters * Essential Measure Words * Numbers * Practical Daily Usage * Countries‧Cities‧Regions * Important Chinese Festivals * Introduction to Chinese Culture * Principles of Simplified Characters * Simplified vs. Traditional Character Comparison Chart * Comparison Chart for Hanyu Pinyin (HP) and Mandarin Phonetic Symbols (MPS) * Hanyu Pinyin Table

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