Far East 200 Must-Learn Chinese Characters (Traditional Character)

  • $4.95

This character handwriting practice book is composed of the most commonly used 200 characters from the Far East 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary. Characters are listed according to stroke number from smallest to largest. Each character is printed in its standard form and is listed with its Hanyu Pinyin and English definitions. The total number of strokes is printed at the top left corner for each character and the radical is marked in gray on the character itself. For each head character, several properly written samples are provided for the learner to imitate, followed by plenty of blank squares for practice. Each blank square is divided into 4 sections to aid the learner write characters in proper proportion. Another 14 pages of practice paper are provided at the end of the book to make further practice more convenient. Since the 200 characters in this book are the most commonly used characters in Chinese, it is essential to learn them well. Mastering these 200 must-learn characters is the first step to learning Chinese and will establish a foundation for further study of Chinese characters. Available only in traditional characters.

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