Far East Business Chinese (I) (Traditional Character Version)

  • $28.00

Far East Business Chinese is aimed at foreign business people who are either still in the planning stages or on their way to China to engage in business. This course was designed to help those who wish to teach themselves business Chinese. Learners are only required to have a basic grasp of Chinese (i.e., to have completed 120 to 200 hours of instruction) to use this course. The course comes with an audio CD and a diverse set of exercises, including authentic reading materials, listening comprehension exercises, as well as tips on Chinese business culture. Early on, the course brings learners into contact with business-related vocabulary, allowing them to master the basics and build a foundation for using Chinese to engage in business communication. It consists of three volumes in traditional characters editions. Topics in this series: Volume One- 1. Nice to Meet You 2. Picking up a Client from the Airport 3. The Shanghai Hotel 4. Taking a Taxi 5. Taking a Business Trip 6. Booking a Hotel Room by Phone 7. Entertaining Clients 8. At the Bank 9. Demonstrating a New Product 10. Attending an Electronics Exhibition. In addition to these textbooks, a website for online-learning and a mobile phone application for Volume One are also available. Visit the website:http://bizchinese.fareastbook.com. Download the App and Get Lesson One for Free! (1 Book + 1 CD)

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