Far East Chinese Culture for Children (II) (Traditional Character Version)

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Teaching students about cultures other than their own fosters enthusiasm for learning and opens their eyes to cultural differences. This series is written in simple sentences in both English and Chinese, and is divided into three parts. Part One contains authentic, self-explanatory photos along with some short articles on various culture-centered topics. Part Two provides coloring sheets for the reader's entertainment. Part Three includes an assortment of activities that can assess the reader's knowledge of Chinese culture. Students can especially benefit from this resource guide for developing awareness of Chinese culture. This series contains two books and two CDs. Each book has twenty themes for learners to read about and to help them take their first few steps towards understanding Chinese culture. Available only in traditional characters. Topics in Book One: *Map of China *The Great Wall *Firecrackers / Red Envelopes *Chinese Traditional Costumes *Dragon Boat Festival *Moon Lady *The Four Treasures of the Study *Abacus *Giant Pandas *Silk *Pagoda *Tea *Peking Opera *Musical Instruments *Chinese Chess *Mahjong *Peach Buns / Long-life Noodles *Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses *Martial Arts / Jackie Chan *Ping-Pong / Basketball / Yao Ming Topics in Book Two: *Monkey King *Hua Mulan *Bicycles *Chopsticks *Dim Sum / Yum Cha *Zodiac Animals *Chinese Lanterns *Chinese Valentine's Day *Kites *Chinese Characters *Shadow Show *Hand Puppet Show *Chinese Acrobatics *Seal Engraving / Chinese Name Chops *Yo-Yo Ma *Dr. Henry Lee *Tangram *Beijing *Chinese Shuttlecock *The Four Inventions of Ancient China

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