Far East Chinese for Youth (Revised Edition) Level 1 Learning Tasks (Traditional and Simplified in one book)

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Book Description:

Intended as supplementary material for Chinese for Youth (Revised Edition), this book is designed as a useful companion to the existing instructional materials. In order to save teachers’ time, it provides a rich collection of exercises for classroom assessments in a user-friendly format. The book includes ten lessons based upon the Student Book. Each lesson is divided into six units for students to engage in communicative tasks in the Three Communicative Modes, including:


  • Play Word Puzzles: Practice connecting the pinyin, English meaning and character form
  • Rearrange Sentences: Practice how to make a meaningful sentence according to the hint provided
  • Reading Comprehension: Read the dialogues or paragraphs to decide the statement is true or false
  • Make Meaningful Dialogues: Choose the appropriate responses to make meaningful dialogues
  • Complete the Presentations: Put the appropriate phrases in the blanks to complete the presentations
  • Understand Authentic Materials: Read pictures, graphs or signs in the real world, and decide the statement is true or false


This well-organized book helps teachers to ensure that functional objectives and communicative learning outcomes are effectively linked with classroom activities. Its practical exercises also help students review what they have learned effectively. Both traditional and simplified characters are included in one book to meet each learner’s needs.


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