¡Hola BoPoMoFo! (Traditional Character Version) (1 Book + 1 CD)

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iHola BoPoMoFo! (Hello BoPoMoFo!) is a Chinese language course for beginning learners. It includes a textbook with lessons and exercises as well as an audio CD. This edition uses traditional characters and MPS (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols, also known as BoPoMoFo) for phonetic transcription and for the convenience of native Spanish speakers, a Spanish translation is provided alongside the Chinese text. The course systematically introduces Chinese pronunciation, providing a detailed account of its rules and characteristics. The exercises are designed to give learners the opportunity practice and master the content of each unit in order to familiarize themselves with Chinese pronunciation. In addition, vivid illustrations make learning more fun and increase learning efficiency. The CD included with the book aids learners in building a solid foundation by giving them the freedom to practice Chinese pronunciation on the go and helping them to grasp its essentials.

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